Air Conditioning Maintenance Slough

Air Conditioning Maintenance Slough

Our company has been offering air conditioning maintenance for many years, our service is tried and tested, reducing your energy bills and prolonging the life of air conditioning units.

We really do offer a cost effective maintenance program to ensure that your air conditioning units work to their most efficient performance levels, keeping the units clean, dust free and removing any smells that may arise from units that have been neglected due to lack of maintenance.

Airflow within your indoor or outdoor air conditioning unit coils can be severely restricted due to dust and dirt build up, this reduces the ability of the air conditioning unit to remove the heat from the air conditioning coils which in turn increases the work rate of the air conditioning compressor and all of the components within the air conditioning unit. This could potentially reduce both the efficiency of the air conditioning unit as well as reducinging its serviceable life.

A speedy, prompt response to your maintenance requirements is a service we offer to all of our slough air conditioning customers. We offer air conditioning maintenance packages based on our customers individual needs and requirements, We offer maintenance packages ranging from a once a year annual service visit to a quarterly service visit where the air conditioning units are in a harsh environment and require continual cleaning and service checks to ensure the units are in top condition at all times.

Regardless of its location, be it a commercial property, Domestic Property or larger premises, We can help maintain your air conditioning unit and keep it in perfect working order.

Air Conditioning Maintenance Slough

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